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Marianna, doulamoon
A birth of a child is a wonderful experience and monumental time in every womans life! A woman never forgets her birth experience.
For centuries women supported women during birth. It got lost but is slowly being reborn with the use of Doulas. Doula is a Greek word which has been translated in modern day to, a woman who supports a woman during birth.
I am DONA Certified  Birth Doula, lactation specialist, midwife assistant and childbirth educator.I use various methods to help support women during birth.These methods are, aromatherapy, essential oils, massage, acupressure, movement, gravity and most importantly, providing continuous emotional support, during your labor and birth.  
I have lots of information on how to have a successful VBAC, plus the experience to do so, I have a 98% success rate with my VBAC clients.  
I believe that no matter where a birth takes place, it needs to be nurtured and protected.
I believe that every woman should have the birth they desire. 
I believe that every birth is unique and that pregnancy, birth and motherhood are all miracles and each should be honored!
I am committed to protecting the birthing environment and the memory of each and every birth.
I am committed to making your birth a memorable one!
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